Friday, November 13, 2015

Final Presentations

As part of your final assignment, you will be creating and delivering a presentation of your work to the class.  The intent of this project is to help you become familiar with speaking about your work and speaking in public.

For the presentation, you should consider the following for a possible outline

1. Introduction- who are you? where are you from? what are your interests?  where do you currently work/ study?   Give us an idea of who you are, what makes you tick.  You could include everything from personal interests, to things you collect, to your favorite foods.     But, do this in a short amount of time (less than a minute).  Remember.... it's only an introduction.   Then you can discuss the work that you have done in the class.   Things to consider:

What was the focus of the work
  • What themes, ideas and concerns does your work consider?
  • Talk about the work from a conceptual, thematic, and/or emotional point of view.
  • The ‘intention' behind the work; what do you want the work to achieve?
  • What do you want the viewer to feel, learn, or come away with after viewing the work?
  • What kind of questions does your work raise?
Materials and process
  • What media do you work with? What interests you about work of this type? Was it a scanogram? did you create photos to assist in the process? 
  • Why did you work in this manner? Is there a relationship between the media and the ideas that you work with?
  • What processes are involved in the work and how are they relevant to the ideas you are dealing with?
Inspirations — historical, personal, social
  • Are there any outside influences and ideas, perhaps from outside the arts, which have bearing on your work?
  • Connect the work to something outside of art. That “something” can be homespun observations, personal history, contemporary issues, science, politics…
  • Any artists or writers you referenced or were influenced by during the process
After you have talked about your work you could conclude with information regarding: 

Future projects, goals and exhibitions/screenings

  • What are your future goals in college?  
  • where would you like to exhibit/screen your work?
  • How does this work fit into the overall flow of your development as an artist?

You should use PowerPoint, your website, or your class blog to assist you as a visual reference. 

Your presentation should be about five minutes

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