Sunday, December 4, 2016


Please see the note below from Elizabeth Brown.   This email was sent to me Thursday, kinda last minute, so I am allowing you to turn in either one of the poster assignments (week 5 and week 10) 

Dear Foundations Faculty,

Andrea and Haley have been working hard to organize the assessment process to streamline it for this and future semesters.  As many of you already know, starting in the spring we will have one campus-wide rubric instead of separate departmental and P2 rubrics.  This should be much easier and should more accurately show student progress over their years at MCA.  We are also asking the students to do the bulk of the work in turning in the materials.  I know that everyone put P2 requirements on their syllabi this semester, but with the new changes, you do not need to turn them in.  Faculty will need to include the new assessment items on Spring Syllabi as soon as we have them completed.  I will get these to you as soon as I have them.  The actual assessment of the materials for Foundations happens in the Spring semester.  So for the fall semester, I just need you to have these materials turned in by the students. 

ASSESSMENT ITEM DUE (Due Monday, Dec 5 by 9PM)
You have one assessment item to turn in.

1) Please select the assignment that was collected around the midterm.  Then ask each of your students to turn in photo documentation of that particular assignment.  If they did not complete the assignment, they can turn in what they did complete or if there’s nothing, they can photograph a notecard that says “not completed”  (to keep the results valid).  Please have the students photograph, label the folders/files, and turn it in themselves because one of the assessment items is their ability to document. Please give them clear instructions on how to do so. 

2)  Naming Convention of Folder and file(s)

Here is the link where they turn in the files:

They can go to this link and then select the “Foundations” folder.  Each student needs to create one folder labeled with their name to go in the Foundations folder using the following naming convention:
Lastname_Firstname_Middle initial
Ex. Smith_Fred_S

They will then drop their midterm work from every Foundations class they took this semester.  For example, if a student took 4 classes, they will have four files to go in the folder with their name on it.  They should only include Foundations level classes in this folder.  Otherwise it will mess up our assessment later.  

NOTE: The image files should be 72 dpi 8 x10 in a jpeg file type 
or H264 video file
or pdf for writing included with an image (this should only apply to IPC)

The naming convention for the specific files should be:

StudentLastName_StudentFirstInitial_Course ID_F16_Midterm_image1    (or image2, 3, 4, etc)

Please emphasize that they need to follow the naming convention EXACTLY.

Thank you for your help with this.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

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